Amania Senegalensis

Amania Senegalensis

  • Botanical Name : Lythraceae

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Amania Senegalensis - a plant of the fomily ( Lythraceae ) derived from tropical and subtropical Africa. It is a plant with a thick stem mud , which in swampy ground lie down in the aquarium grows upright and reaches a length of 50 cm . The leaves are narrow light green from the top , from the bottom of the darker ( reach a length of 4 cm). We plant it in loose groups in the back of the aquarium or terraces . It creates a nice contrast with light green plants . It requires a good , strong light , the substrate of gravel and water temperature between 20-25C . Soft water enriched with carbon dioxide. We propagate it from cuttings created from shoots with preserved tops ( cuttings from side shoots ) or from seeds

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