Blyxa Maxim

Blyxa Maxim

  • Botanical Name : Blyxa japonica

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Blyxa maxim is a beautiful green and leafy stem plant which originates in the southern regions of Asia, especially in Japan, China, and Taiwan.  This aquatic plant reach a pinnacle in popularity when it was first introduced to the hobby in the early 1990s.  From then the popularity of this plant has wavered mostly due to the large influx of other foreground plant species becoming widely available to hobbyists. Even still the rich green, grass-like properties of this plant keep it a fan favorite between Nature Aquarium Style aquascapers and plant hobbyists alike.

It prefers acidic water, direct light and a nutrient rich substrate.  In high light aquariums supplemented with iron, Blyxa maxim will exhibit a rich golden-red hue on its leaves.  In less light aquariums, it will take on a beautiful green coloration.

Code: AP048
Plant Structure: Rosette
Difficulty: Difficult
Light: High
Growth Rate: Medium
Size: 8 inch
Fertilization: Substrate
Special Requirement: USE GBS lights

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