Anubia Nana Gold

Anubia Nana Gold

  • Botanical Name : Liliopsida

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Most aquarium hobbyists are familiar with the genus of plants named Anubias. The species in this genus are some of the most popular plants in the hobby due to their ease of care, and there are many, many varieties. The dwarf variety, Anubias barteri var. “nana,” hails from Cameroon, Africa. It can be found growing in the shallows of forest rivers.

Relatively new in the scene, however, is Anubias barteri var. “nana gold.” Its beautiful, light green to golden leaves indicate a true color variant not dependent on tank conditions. This color will not disappear as the plant ages or is propagated. Its thick, heart-shaped leaves are tough and can last several years.

It can thrive in a wide range of temperatures from 68° to 86°F. This gold variety will grow in light ranges of less than a watt per gallon, but it can also thrive in high light. It can tolerate pH readings from 5.5 to 9.0 and does not require added CO2 or water column fertilization.

Code: AP052
Plant Structure: Rosette
Difficulty: Medium
Light: Low
Growth Rate: Slow
Size: 6 inch
Fertilization: Water
Special Requirement: Use GBS shade

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