Rotalla Macrandra Pink

Rotalla Macrandra Pink

  • Botanical Name : Lythraceae

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Rotala macrandra is one of the most distinguishable red aquatic plants in the hobby known for its pulsating red leaves.  This plant also is one of the most difficult and demanding plants to keep in the aquarium. Although difficult, it is an aquarium plant that is worthy of the challenge of cultivating. 

Rotala macrandra is also cultivated in other variants such as Rotala macranda var. Green (bright green leafs with slightly pink undersides) and Rotala macranda var. Variegated (a combination of the original variety and Rotala macranda  var. Green).  In addition to the distinction in leaf color, each variety is available to hobbyists in Narrow Leaf assortments.  

Code: AP010
Plant Structure: Stem
Difficulty: Medium
Light: High
Growth Rate: Fast
Size: 6 inch
Fertilization: Water
Special Requirement: Soft water

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