Eilocharis Accuilaris Japanese Dwarf Hair Grass

Eilocharis Accuilaris Japanese Dwarf Hair Grass

  • Botanical Name : Eleocharis acicularis

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Eleocharis acicularis is found naturally growing in bogs, marshlands, vernal pools and other shallow waterways on North America and Europe. Eleocharis acicularis first gain popularity through Japanese Aquascaper Takashi Amano use of it as a grassy foreground plant for his Iwagumi and Nature Style layouts. Aquascapers were inspired by the wispy, soft, and natural feeling Eleocharis acicularis brings to planted aquarium. 

Eleocharis acicularis looks very similar to other hairgrass species such as Eleocharis parvula.  However, Eleocharis acicularis grows twice as tall (15 cm) than Eleocharis parvula (6 cm). Eleocharis acicularis is commonly known as dwarf hairgrass or needle-spike rush. 

Code: AP027
Plant Structure: Carpet
Difficulty: Medium
Light: High
Growth Rate: Fast
Size: 7 inch
Fertilization: Substrate
Special Requirement: Very short and dense carpet, thin out the carpet after some time or can cause algae

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