Fissidens Parrot Feather

Fissidens Parrot Feather

  • Botanical Name : Myriophyllum aquaticum

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Fissidens Parrot Feather has feathery blue-green foliage with a velvety sheen that creeps across surface of pond. Its stems can grow from 20 to 60 inches long, and are divided into four to six vivid green segments.

Parrot's Feather's lushly textured foliage helps provide shade for the pond and fish. It also provides a hiding place and spawning material for the pond inhabitants.

Because of its capability of establishing itself in wet soil above the water, Fissidens Parrot Feather can be used in waterfall crevices, as well as along pond edges. Although it may be prone to frost damage, it winters well beneath the ice in frozen ponds. Zones 4-11. During shipping Parrot's Feather (plant) will often lose color and turn yellow. Once planted it will quickly regain its natural vivid green coloration. 

Code: 05100
Plant Structure: Stem
Difficulty: Difficult
Light: High
Growth Rate: Fast
Size: 12 inch
Fertilization: N/A
Special Requirement: Clear water, Low temperature

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