Leopard Discus

Leopard Discus

  • Botanical Name : Symphysodon sp

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The Leopard Skin Discus is less man-made than many of the other strains of discus, as it is a direct result of selective breeding from two naturally occuring variants of wild red spotted green discus originating from different areas of the Amazon and not through genetic mutation. This breeding work was performed by breeders in Hong Kong, who over the course of about a decade were able to selectively breed the discus to achieve what we now call the Leopard Skin Discus. They became available within the aquarium hobby in 1993, and since then multiple variations of the Leopard Skin Discus have risen that have differenet size of the spots, some with red rings within rings in the pattern and those with blue highlights within the red rings. 

Temperature: 79 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
Origin: Amazon, South America