Acanthurus maculiceps

Acanthurus maculiceps

  • Botanical Name : Acanthuridae

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"The Maculiceps Tang is a large and very unique surgeonfish. Maculiceps Tangs have a mostly tan body with yellowish white markings going along its entire body.

Maculiceps Tangs reach a maximum size of around 16 inches and need to be kept in at least a 125 gallon tank when they are juveniles. Maculiceps Tangs are mostly peaceful fish that will get along with most other fish, coral and inverts in your tank. This makes them a great choice for reef tanks.

Maculiceps Tangs tend to be aggressive to other tangs, especially those that are in the Acanthurus family. To help reduce aggression between tangs, try to keep them in the largest tank possible. Also introducing all your tangs at the same time well help keep aggression down. Having algae sheets or plenty of established live rock available at all times should also cut down on aggression. Maculiceps Tangs are strong swimmers, so having a longer tank with plenty of swimming room will greatly benefit them.

Maculiceps Tangs are herbivores and require a diet that is very rich in green foods. Foods such as nori, algae sheets, spirulina, high quality flake and pellet foods and mysis shrimp will keep your Maculiceps Tang healthy and happy. Also adding supplements like selcon and garlic to their food will make your Maculiceps Tang thrive in your tank."

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