Red Dragon Discus

Red Dragon Discus

  • Botanical Name : Symphysodon sp

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Red Dragon discus is a bold red color with an unusual pattern of striations, making it one of the most beautiful of the cultivated discus available for aquariums. The cross breeding of various varieties of cultivated discus have resulted in a vibrant red color as well as its combination of striations. The Red Dragon discus has a red-orange face, and the tail end of its pectoral and dorsal fins often show this color as well. Its body is covered with intricately woven and connected red striations over white. It has red spots rather than striations close to its head above its pectoral fin. Both its pectoral fin and its dorsal fin are covered with spots and striations. 

The Red Dragon discus will grow to about 8” long. Discus are known for their round shapes, and the red bold universe discus is not an exception. It is almost as tall as it is long, and its full fins also add roundness to its shape. This boldly colored fish will add a burst of color to your aquarium with its vibrant red markings. Its bright colors will contrast with its peaceful, passive nature, and the bold red universe discus will also contrast beautifully with the green vegetation of the tank. Discus are popular because of their vivid colors, round shapes,  and interesting personalities, and this is one dazzling fish that will be sure to stand out among the other tropical fish in your aquarium. 

Temperature: 79 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
Origin: Farm Raised, Malaysia