Redtail Golden Arowana

Redtail Golden Arowana

  • Botanical Name : Scleropages Formosus

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Red Tail Golden Arowana are common Asian Arowana. Their scales gradually become gold as they mature and the fins are red in colour. The red-tail will have red-coloured fins and tail with shiny body scales when matures. The prices for the Red Tail Golden are more affordable as compared to the Crossback Golden. 

The Red Tail Golden is the first of the lower priced Arowana to generate true scale colour. It has a distinct Gold outer scale and in premium fish can develop clearly visible base colour as well.

It colours quickly however, colour rarely reaches the 5th level of scales

Believed to bring luck and wealth this is my recommendation as a first Arowana for those concious of a budget. It does not disappoint in personality or striking beauty, embodying the characteristics of the Asian Arowana.