Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Black

Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Black

  • Botanical Name : Fluval Edge

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Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Black elevate the popular Edge aquarium to new heights with the benefits of Light Emitting Diodes it is easy-to-use desktop fish tank captures harmony and serenity with great visibility and a modern design. The Fluval Edge Aquarium features elegant architectural lines that showcase beautiful aquarium fish.

 The Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Black comes complete with an advanced 3-stage filtration system. Powerful and efficient mechanical, chemical and biological filtration stages remain hidden yet keep your aquarium water healthy and clear.  Due to the unique design of the aquarium it is highly recommended that you get the Fluval EDGE net, gravel cleaner, heater, and algae magnet cleaner.  The ventilated design effectively dissipates lamp heat, avoids moisture and allows easy access

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