Oranda Goldfish

Oranda Goldfish

  • Botanical Name : Carassius auratus

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Assorted Oranda Goldfish offer hobbyists a great way to enjoy the different varieties of the beautiful Oranda Goldfish. These assorted Oranda Goldfish come in many color forms including the classic Red Cap, Red, Red/Black, Blue, Red/White, Calico, Chocolate, or Black Oranda - at a fraction of the cost of ordering any variety individually. Order 3 or more goldfish and save even more, while increasing your chances of getting one of each.

The Oranda Goldfish is born without its signature head-growth. The growth begins to thicken and fold three to four months after hatching. It may take up to two years for the head-growth to fully develop. The development of the hood is affected by a number of factors, including the quality of water in which the fish lives and its diet. A stable, clean aquarium or pond and a protein-rich diet will enhance the development of the head-growth. 

Temperature: 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit
Origin:  China, Farm Raised