Veiltail Ghost Angelfish

Veiltail Ghost Angelfish

  • Botanical Name : Pterophyllum scalare

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Veiltail ghost angelfish are Cichlids that are good tank mates to other quiet fish. Energetic fish such as Tiger Barbs and Black Skirt Tetras are not good tank mates. Sometimes large Veiltail ghost angelfish will become aggressive towards others, this can be genetic aggression or a result of establishing territory to breed. Using a divider is a great way to separate an aggressive Angel or breeding pair. 

While Veiltail ghost angelfish have been known to eat small fish, this can be largely prevented by adding small fish when the Veiltail ghost angelfish is very young. It then doesn't regard these fish as food. It also appears to lessen the bullying of other Angels. 

Each Veiltail ghost angelfish needs 37.9 Litres (10 US G.) of the tank dedicated to it but if more than one Veiltail ghost angelfish is kept in a 132.5-151.4 Litres (35-40 US G.) tank, even if they are a breeding pair, it is very likely that one will begin to attack the other and it will eventually sicken and die. This behaviour usually manifests after they have bred or attempted to breed one or more times.