Lemon Tetra Fish

Lemon Tetra Fish

  • Botanical Name : Hyphessobrycon Pulchripinnis

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The Lemon tetra is a popular aquarium fish, but more difficult to breed in captivity compared to its famous relative the Neon tetra. The Lemon tetra is endemic to a river in Brazil and can be found nowhere else in the world. The Lemon tetra is a peaceful fish and will work well in a peaceful community aquarium with other species of similar size. The aquarium should be planted, the water should be slightly acidic and the water hardiness should be soft to medium. 

They are very adaptable and ideal for a community aquarium with other peaceful fish. Like all tetras, they are happiest in a school of 6 or more of their own kind. In nature these characins are found in large shoals containing thousands of fish. A planted aquarium balanced with plenty of open space to swim around with its buddies is appreciated. They are most comfortable if there are some floating plants as well, that help to dim the environment.

Temperature: 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit
Origin: South America