Cryptocoryne Mioya

Cryptocoryne Mioya

  • Botanical Name : Araceae

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Cryptocoryne Mioya is a plant of color average green. The leaves have slightly blighted red veins. This plant requires only one average lighting and a place shaded in the aquarium will allow a better growth. The reproduction will be carried out by plantation of stolons. 
This beautiful variety of Cryptocoryne Mioya is only found in the river Mi Oya at Sri Lanka. It has characteristic red-brown, slightly hammered leaves from 20-35 cm, and 15-30 cm wide rosettes. Many Cryptocorynes can grow at high temperatures. In the wild this plant is found in streams with a temperature of more than 30 degrees C.

Code: AP690
Plant Structure: Rosette
Difficulty: Easy
Light: Medium
Growth Rate: Slow
Size: 12 inch
Fertilization: Substrate
Special Requirement: Use Power Sand

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